Welcome to Glass Town, Angria, and Gondal

Hello and welcome to my Brontë blog. I am a recent MA graduate of Popular Literatures with a passion for late eighteenth and nineteenth century English literature. In January 2017 I completed my MA dissertation on Charlotte Brontë’s juvenilia where I attempted to critically analyse and re-categorize her early texts as examples of threshold literature. I would like to continue my studies by completing a PhD on the Brontë juvenilia, however, my main passion is introducing readers and fellow Brontë enthusiasts to the early fiction, or juvenilia, of the siblings. The Brontës’ early work is initially set in Glass Town, a fictional province in Africa, however, Anne and Emily later created their own world of Gondal, and Charlotte and Branwell developed their original world, with a focus on the new kingdom of Angria. For many years childhood writing and child authors have been dismissed and their literary merit questioned, however, it is my aim to discuss and analyse the Brontës’ childhood text alongside later fiction which developed from the original Glass Town stories in order to highlight the importance of child authors and their juvenilia.