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7 Days 7 Covers Challenge

If you have social media, then you might have seen the 7 Days 7 Covers challenge doing the rounds on Twitter. A few weeks ago I was challenged by a few of my followers to join in. The concept is that you post a picture of a book every day for 7 days that you… Continue reading 7 Days 7 Covers Challenge

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2019 Reading Challenge

Like most people, bookworms have New Year's Resolutions, however, you guessed it, they're always reading related. Like many bookworms on Goodreads, I've set my Reading Challenge for 2019. I opted for 30 books, however, this will be 30 new books as I'm not including anything I will re-read in the total end of year count.… Continue reading 2019 Reading Challenge

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Visits to the Vault: Unearthing Archival Treasures and Brontë Connections

Earlier this year, I was awarded a paid internship working in Liverpool Hope University's Sheppard-Worlock library. My job was to search through uncatalogued books and recently donated material in certain sections of the library’s archives in order to locate material that may be relevant to History undergraduates during their dissertation preparation. In addition to this,… Continue reading Visits to the Vault: Unearthing Archival Treasures and Brontë Connections

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Team Heathcliff, Rochester, or Weston? Examining the Brontë Love Interests

There are so many layers to Wuthering Heights, and there is so much more to it than Cathy and Heathcliff, but, like it or not, at its heart the novel is a love story. However, Emily isn't the only Brontë to depict a hero who is both loathed and loved by readers; her siblings also did the same thing, but in very different ways. Below are my thoughts on various Brontë love interests, some familiar, others less so, but all unable to match the enigma that is Heatchliff. There are spoilers here so don't read on unless you are familiar with the Brontës' work. Why would you even be here if you weren't though?