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A Tale of Two Glass Towns – Pre-Order Now!

Reader, I’m delighted to announce that my debut novel, A Tale of Two Glass Towns is now available to pre-order on Olympia Publisher’s website and is due for release on 26/01/2023!


In 1999, seven-year-old Theo has been uprooted to live with his grandparents at the opposite end of the country. As the countdown to the year 2000 begins, Theo is increasingly worried about the arrival of the Millennium Bug. Is it an illness, an alien, or the end of the world? When something crashes in the back garden one night, events are set in motion that will change the world as Theo knows it forever. Perhaps his imagination, fuelled by the covers of his Aunt Nina’s favourite sci-fi novels, has run away with him. Or perhaps something really is lurking in the mist. Years later, in 2020, a grown-up Theo contends with a world gripped by a very different, and far more dangerous bug. As he reflects on his childhood, the interesting characters he met in the old graveyard, and what it means to be alien, the line between past and present begins to blur.

Pre-Order Now

You can pre-order A Tale of Two Glass Towns by visiting Olympia’s website or using the link below –

A Tale of Two Glass Towns by Nicola Friar

In Loving Memory of Bob the Bichon (2007-2019).

A lover of life, the Brontës, and Haworth who knows that I’m just going to write because I can’t help it.

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