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Beautiful Brontë Books

Here's a post with few words and lots of photos of various Brontë books that I own or have come across in libraries over the past few years. I'm mainly steering clear of Brontë inspired fiction though as I blog about this quite a bit. Reader, do you own any of these editions?    … Continue reading Beautiful Brontë Books

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Bob the Bichon and Patrick Brontë: In Sickness and In Health

Two hundred years ago in 1819, Patrick Brontë (1777-1861) was offered the perpetual curacy of St Michael and All Angels' Church in the village of Haworth, West Yorkshire. Patrick took up the position in April 1820 when he moved his young family to Haworth from nearby Thornton. However, by September 1821, his wife Maria was dead, and… Continue reading Bob the Bichon and Patrick Brontë: In Sickness and In Health

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Without the Veil Between, Anne Brontë: A Fine and Subtle Spirit by DM Denton

Regular readers of Brontë Babe Blog will know by now how much I love not only the works of the Brontë siblings, but works inspired by them. In the past year I've discovered some truly wonderful Brontë inspired fiction including Lena Coakley's Worlds of Ink and Shadow; Juliet Bell's re-imagining of Wuthering Heights, The Heights, and, my… Continue reading Without the Veil Between, Anne Brontë: A Fine and Subtle Spirit by DM Denton

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The Brontë Parsonage

The Brontë Parsonage Museum was originally known as Glebe House when it was built in 1778-9. It's very first occupant was the Reverend John Richardson who died in 1791. Following Richardson's death, James Charnock officially occupied the Parsonage until his own death in 1819, but it remains unclear just how much time he actually spent… Continue reading The Brontë Parsonage

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The Worth Valley Railway and a Haworth Homecoming for Three Sisters

At the weekend I was lucky enough to enjoy a trip on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, a volunteer run heritage railway line which serves a 5 mile stretch of Yorkshire. The stations it serves are Oxenhope, Haworth, Oakworth, Damems (request stop only), Ingrow West, and Keighley. Along with my companions I travelled from… Continue reading The Worth Valley Railway and a Haworth Homecoming for Three Sisters

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30 Years, 30 Brontë Facts

To celebrate my 30 years on this planet this week, I've been compiling a few blogs featuring 30 things for my readers to think about and have fun with. I had a lot of fun putting this list of 30 Brontë facts together. Reader, whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever level of Brontë… Continue reading 30 Years, 30 Brontë Facts

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Haworth 1940’s Weekend 2018

I consider this something of a companion piece to a previous post entitled Photographing Haworth. A combination of my trip to the 2018 Haworth 1940's weekend, the urge to take lots of photographs every time I visit, and the kind feedback I had from readers of the last post resulted in this piece which is… Continue reading Haworth 1940’s Weekend 2018

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Photographing Haworth

My readers and visitors will know by now the extent of my obsession with the Brontë family and their writings, however, for some reason I've so far neglected the home of the Brontës, the charming and beautiful village of Haworth, in my posts. Whilst flicking through some old photographs on old phones and laptops recently… Continue reading Photographing Haworth

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Worlds of Ink and Shadow by Lena Coakley

In addition to featuring posts on the works of the Brontës, I also like to discover and post about Brontë inspired fiction. This time it's the turn of Lena Coakley's 2016 novel, Worlds of Ink and Shadow: A Novel of the Brontës, which I recently finished reading and included on my list of 30 of the Best Books About the Brontës. Like Catherynne M. Valente's The Glass Town Game, this is a narrative which focuses on the Brontës' early writings, or juvenilia, set in their fictional fantasy worlds of Glass Town, Gondal, and Angria. I'm going to avoid spoilers in this post and attempt to review by summarising and sharing my overall thoughts on the text. Forgive my digressions on the history of the Brontë juvenilia, but why write a review of a text based on it without bothering to mention it?

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Bob the Bichon and the Brontës

Stick with me on this one guys; this is a post about the Brontës and their animals, but also one which discusses the love I have for my own rescue dog, and the happiness he has brought to us over the years, in addition to his love of Haworth! Seven years ago today, an unloved,… Continue reading Bob the Bichon and the Brontës