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Happy Birthday, Anne Brontë

This is a short post to wish Anne Brontë, the youngest member of our beloved Brontë family, a very happy birthday. Anne was born in Thornton, Yorkshire to Patrick and Maria Brontë on the 17th January 1820. It's strange to think that the baby of the family would have been the ripe old age of 199 today. Anne… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Anne Brontë

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The Jane and Bertha in Me

The Jane and Bertha in Me is a collection of poetry inspired by Charlotte Brontë's masterpiece, Jane Eyre. The collection is comprised of poems by fellow Brontëite, the immensely talented Rita Maria Martinez, and was published in 2016 although some pieces have previously appeared elsewhere. However, the poems slot together to make up a remarkable and intriguing… Continue reading The Jane and Bertha in Me

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Branwell Brontë: Poet, Son, Brother. Father?

Although there are hundreds of poets that I could choose to specifically honour this World Poetry Day, with some of my favourites being the Williams Shakespeare and Blake, Emily Brontë, and Sylvia Plath, the honour instead falls to the mad, bad, and dangerous to know, (thanks, Caroline Lamb), Branwell Brontë. Yes, I'm choosing to honour the work of the "disgraced" Brontë over that of his sisters.

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“Haworth Churchyard”

"Haworth Churchyard" is a poem by Matthew Arnold which first appeared in Fraser's Magazine in May 1855, less than two months after the death of the last living Brontë sibling, Charlotte. It is a piece that until very recently I was unfamiliar with despite my mania for all things Brontë, and is a worthy addition to my… Continue reading “Haworth Churchyard”