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Aunt Branwell and the Brontë Legacy by Nick Holland: Re-Examining a Key Figure in the Brontë Mythology

So much of the Brontës' lives remains shrouded in mystery despite the popularity of their works. We probably know more about Charlotte and Branwell, and their characters, than the rest of the Brontë family due to their surviving correspondence and the recollections of the friends they made during their lifetimes. However, there are still misconceptions… Continue reading Aunt Branwell and the Brontë Legacy by Nick Holland: Re-Examining a Key Figure in the Brontë Mythology

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Happy Birthday, Anne Brontë

This is a short post to wish Anne Brontë, the youngest member of our beloved Brontë family, a very happy birthday. Anne was born in Thornton, Yorkshire to Patrick and Maria Brontë on the 17th January 1820. It's strange to think that the baby of the family would have been the ripe old age of 199 today. Anne… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Anne Brontë

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What the Brontës Taught Me in 2018

Even 200 years after their births (and longer in Patrick and Maria's case), the Brontë family continue to inspire, entertain, and educate us. Through a perusal of their work and correspondence I've become acquainted with what I call the Brontë philosophy. This isn't a set of hard and fast rules regarding how to live your… Continue reading What the Brontës Taught Me in 2018

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The Brontës’ Christmas

With Christmas creeping ever closer, I'm longing to visit Haworth, the home of the Brontës, in order to enjoy the festivities taking place there, some modern and some more familiar to our favourite literary family. I do usually make the trip to see the village decked out for Christmas but haven't managed it yet this… Continue reading The Brontës’ Christmas

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The Best Brontë Books of 2018

It's safe to say that I've read an awful lot of Brontë related books this year, some good and some disappointing, but fortunately the former have outweighed the latter. To round off the year (how are we in December already?) I've compiled a list of the Best Brontë Books of 2018. The books don't need… Continue reading The Best Brontë Books of 2018

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Charlotte Brontë: The Lost Manuscripts

As regular readers of my blog will know, I'm obsessed with all things Brontë, however, there is a special place in my heart reserved for the Brontë juvenilia. Set in Glass Town, Angria, and Gondal, the Brontës penned their literary sagas from childhood, and despite being very different from what readers traditionally associate with the Brontës' adult… Continue reading Charlotte Brontë: The Lost Manuscripts

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William Thackeray’s Vanity Fair: Review

Introduction and Background I think it's safe to say that every bookworm has a very long list of books they'd like to read one day. I also think it's safe to assume that on this list there will be a fair few books that are constantly appearing on the types of "books to read before… Continue reading William Thackeray’s Vanity Fair: Review

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The Brontë Parsonage

The Brontë Parsonage Museum was originally known as Glebe House when it was built in 1778-9. It's very first occupant was the Reverend John Richardson who died in 1791. Following Richardson's death, James Charnock officially occupied the Parsonage until his own death in 1819, but it remains unclear just how much time he actually spent… Continue reading The Brontë Parsonage

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Charlotte Brontë’s Unfinished Novels: Emma

Introduction Charlotte Brontë is best remembered as the author of Jane Eyre (1847), a literary masterpiece and quite possibly my favourite novel of all time. In her lifetime she also published two other novels, Shirley (1849) and Villette (1853). Another novel, The Professor, was published posthumously in 1857 after being rejected by publishers a decade earlier. Prior to this in 1846, Poems by Charlotte… Continue reading Charlotte Brontë’s Unfinished Novels: Emma

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Charlotte Brontë’s The Duke of Zamorna

Introduction and Background The Duke of Zamorna is a novelette by Charlotte Brontë. Written in July 1838 when she was 22 years old, the narrative is one of the final additions to Charlotte's Angrian saga which famously began with her father's gift of twelve toy soldiers to her brother, Branwell, in 1826 and the creation of… Continue reading Charlotte Brontë’s The Duke of Zamorna