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Gold by Naomi B.

One of the things I love the most about my blogging and writing journey is the connections I’ve made across the world and the friendships forged because of it. I’ve been privileged to connect with other admirers of the Brontës’ works and even collaborate with some of them through anthologies and book clubs. The same can now be said about my publishing journey. At the end of January, my first novel, A Tale of Two Glass Towns, was published by Olympia Publishers. It’s been an absolute joy to connect with other published authors, but it’s also been amazing to connect with my fellow Olympia writers. 

Naomi B. is a French writer and someone I’m especially glad to have connected with. She’s a fellow Olympia writer, and in November 2022, her poetry collection, Gold, was published. Naomi is also a huge fan of the Brontës and has contributed a wonderful story to the upcoming anthology, The Brontë Sisters: A Room of Their Own

It’s so lovely to find support from my fellow authors, and Naomi is one of those who have kindly championed my book on social media and helped to raise awareness of it. Now I’m returning this support by recommending her amazing poetry collection. Gold is my favourite read of the year so far.  

In her own words, “My poems tell the journey of a woman stumbling, struggling to stand back up and find her voice, but falling in love and hoping, hoping, with all her guts.”

Gold is extraordinary. It’s a shining star in the poetry world. It’s a tender, beautiful, haunting, and unique exploration of womanhood, love, and loss. The words and images conjured by Naomi are so powerful, poignant, and enchanting that you are transported into the pages and it’s very hard to leave them behind after the final page is turned. It’s a five-star read, and one of the most amazing things I’ve read. There are too many delicious phrases to mention individually so I will end with an extract from Gold which contains my favourite lines of the collection – 

“I am not take-away meat

I am not a dish you can help yourself with – 

I am the five-star restaurant 

You’ll never get in.”

Bravo, Naomi! I’m hungry for more.

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