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Beautiful Brontë Books

Here’s a post with few words and lots of photos of various Brontë books that I own or have come across in libraries over the past few years. I’m mainly steering clear of Brontë inspired fiction though as I blog about this quite a bit. Reader, do you own any of these editions?








Bronte Book 468527765_361870984507757_4649872576951091200_n




Bronte Book 14

Bronte Book 10










In Loving Memory of Bob the Bichon.


A lover of life, the Brontës, and Haworth who knows that I’m just going to write because I can’t help it.



By Nicola F. a.k.a. The Brontë Babe.

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I’d also love it if you stopped by The Journal of Juvenilia Studies where you can read my essay, “Autobiography, Wish-Fulfilment, and Juvenilia. The ‘Fractured Self’ in Charlotte Brontë’s Paracosmic Counterworld”.

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Brontë Books”

    1. This was one I came across in my old university library when I was researching for my dissertation so I didn’t study it. From what I remember it was interesting for its focus on Branwell and the recollections of him from his friends such as Francis Grundy.

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