Grief Is…

On Wednesday 10th April, the time finally came to say goodbye to my best friend and partner in crime, the sweetest dog the world has ever known, Bob the Bichon. Regular readers of my blog may remember my post from last year, Bob the Bichon and the Brontës where I documented Bob’s arrival with our family 8 years ago, his transformation from scruffy and frightened rescue dog to happy and pampered pooch, and our shared love of Haworth, home of the Brontës, a place Bob enjoyed visiting many times. This has been a difficult few days as we adjust to life without our little fluffy friend and I plan on writing a more substantial tribute to Bob in the coming weeks, but for now I thought I’d use this post to share my views of what grief is.

Bob St Bees Beach.jpg
In happier times at St. Bee’s in 2014

Grief is wanting the whole world to stop.

Grief is knowing the whole world won’t stop.

Grief is not wanting to think about those we’ve lost.

Grief is never wanting to forget those who are no longer with us.

Grief is needing to carry on.

Grief is not wanting to carry on.

Grief is trying to adjust.

Grief is wanting to live in the past.

Grief is knowing you have to move forward.

Grief is watching the days slip by and the gulf between us and our lost loved ones increasing.

Grief is remembering the good times.

Grief is trying not to focus on the bad times.

Grief is wishing we’d done more for our lost loved ones.

Grief is remembering what we did do for our lost loved ones.

Grief is remembering what those who have left us did for us.

Grief is collective.

Grief is individual.

Grief is selfish.

Grief is cruel.

Grief is healthy for it shows our ability to feel.

Grief is eternal.

Rest in peace, sweet boy.


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7 thoughts on “Grief Is…”

  1. I am really sorry indeed to hear about Bob. I saw that your Mum had posted about his passing. It’s so heartbreaking and I really feel for you and your family. Before my partner and I got Hugo we had to let our gorgeous Jake go and it was just the most tortuous time. He was such an important part of our little household. Any pet dying leaves a big void. You will always remember him and maybe oneday your family can give another animal a loving home. Bob was clearly a well loved boy. Hugs to you. Xx

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  2. Many years after you wrote this I sit having read about Bob and his journey to you surrounded by my own rescue pups. They really rescue us don’t they? I’m glad you wrote about Bob. Thanks for saving him from the world and sharing him with the world.

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