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2019 Reading Challenge

Like most people, bookworms have New Year’s Resolutions, however, you guessed it, they’re always reading-related. Like many bookworms on Goodreads, I’ve set my Reading Challenge for 2019. I opted for 30 books, however, this will be 30 new books as I’m not including anything I will re-read in the total end-of-year count. I believe this is definitely achievable, especially as there are still so many Brontë inspired books out there I’m waiting to get my hands on, and so many pieces of Brontë juvenilia I haven’t yet read.

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I’ve also devised my own reading challenge for 2019 with regard to the type of material I will read this year rather than just the amount that I’m aiming to get through. My aim is to branch out a little whilst still finding time to enjoy the kind of literature I love the most. You can find my list of 13 aims below; there were originally ten but I couldn’t resist adding a few Brontë related choices to the end.

  1. A Shakespeare Play You Haven’t Read Before
  2. A Book You Read a Long Time Ago
  3. A Book with Time or Day in the Title
  4. A Book by a Local Author
  5. A Book That Was Originally Published In A Language Other Than English
  6. A Novel Based on a Real Person
  7. A Collection of Short Stories
  8. A Book That You Haven’t Read Before Because You Find It Intimidating
  9. A Classic Of Children’s Literature You Haven’t Already Read
  10. A Piece of Non-Brontë Juvenilia
  11. A Piece of Brontë Juvenilia You Haven’t Read Before
  12. A Brontë Biography You Haven’t Read Before
  13. A Piece of Brontë Inspired Fiction You Haven’t Read Before

I’ve already got some titles in mind but who knows what books 2019 will actually bring me? I’d love to hear from any other bookworms and Brontëites who are participating in a 2019 reading challenge. Reader, enjoy whatever you read this year.


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13 thoughts on “2019 Reading Challenge”

  1. I like the sound of your reading challenge, it will certainly broaden the horizons. I like the read something you find intimidating. If I choose this it would be Dr Zhivago. Good luck and please keep us posted.


    1. I’m thinking my intimidating one will be Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa. Big books don’t normally put me off but it’s absolutely huge; it’s one of the longest novels in the English language. I do really want to read it though. Fingers crossed I manage it 🙂


      1. I’ve read the first 500 pages of Clarissa. I MUST FINISH IT. I stopped because I was trying to read it in a month with a couple buddies, and I’m afraid I burned out after ten days because because the print is tiny and I dropped the book on my face. 😛 Anyway, it is insane and you should definitely read it.

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  2. Sounds like a good way of choosing books. I’m hoping to read 40 this year. It’s funny how we come by books though. I don’t often totally choose the book I will read, if people pass on a book to me, I usually end up reading it! Your list will help you dive into an eclectic selection of novels. x

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  3. I’m so excited to have found your blog! I’m in the second year of my English Literature undergrad and this week have begun a module entitled ‘Austen and the Brontes’. I’ve always been aware of the culture around these authors and their work, but now I get to properly read and discuss their works, and learn so much more about their lives and experiences. I’m a blogger myself, primarily writing about books and university, so it’s fascinating to find this wealth of information which you have posted, in the form of a blog! This reading challenge sounds super fun, but I am particularly pleased to have come across your blog at such a fantastic moment! I look forward to reading through your previous posts, and seeing your posts in the future.
    – Ellie

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