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Photographing Haworth

My readers and visitors will know by now the extent of my obsession with the Brontë family and their writings, however, for some reason I’ve so far neglected the home of the Brontës, the charming and beautiful village of Haworth, in my posts. Whilst flicking through some old photographs on old phones and laptops recently I discovered a lot of photographs of Haworth that hadn’t seen the light of day for some time; these include Christmas trips, images from previous 1940’s weekends, and other random trips to every Brontëite’s spiritual home. I never tire of looking at photos of Haworth, whether they’re my own, or somebody else’s. Yes, I may technically be looking at the same things over and over again, but somehow it seems different every time, in every year and every season. Haworth is far more than a charming old village or a tourist hotspot; it’s a living, breathing place with a spirit and a soul of its own which means it is always different, fresh, and exciting. So yes, I can look at countless photographs of the Brontë Parsonage, St. Michael and All Angels’ Church, Main Street, the Black Bull, etc., but it will never get old, and I will never tire of it because every visit is a new experience, and every photograph is a record of this. I can’t wait to add to my collection at this year’s 1940’s weekend on 19th and 20th May.

Here are some photographs I’ve dug out from my archives. I hope you enjoy looking through them; I certainly have. I’m not the best photographer in the world so apologies in advance for any wonky or blurry images, but hey, that’s part of my experience. Although you’re perfectly welcome to share this post, please do not copy or share the individual images as they are photographs taken by myself and family members, including fellow blogger Craft Bug Suzy.


Haworth 2012
Looking towards The Black Bull on a sunny day



The sweet shop has since been renamed but is still full of goodies to stock up on!

Haworth 2012 5
My very first trip to the Brontë Parsonage Museum
Haworth 2012 9
Hall Green Baptist Church


Haworth 2014 2
The crowds at the 1940’s weekend, 2014


I love how everybody gets into the spirit of things every year. One day I’ll dress up myself.

Weary soldiers resting by the church
Haworth 2014 4
Fun in the sun down at the Old Hall


Looking towards the Black Bull, 1940’s weekend, 2015
Haworth 2015
The interior of St. Michael and All Angels’ Church



The Children’s Study is of the course the place where the young Brontës dreamt up their fantasy world of Glass Town and created their earliest literature and tiny books. Some of the scribbles they made on the walls can still be seen today. The photograph on the left hand side shows where they have been preserved on the wall.

The upstairs bedroom in which Branwell Brontë breathed his last, February, 2016.

The only Brontë boy, Branwell was a troubled but brilliant soul who created some fantastic literature including the Politics of Verdopolis and was also a talented and published poet.  It’s a shame his work isn’t more widely read by Brontë enthusiasts.

Christmas 2016

At the top of Main Street, the tourist information can be seen on the left
Sweet shop
The band strikes up a tune.



Brass band.
Interior of St. Michael and All Angels’ Church in which the Brontë family are buried with the exception of the youngest sibling Anne who is buried in Scarborough.



The former home of the family, the Brontë Parsonage Museum


Chickens and the church
Bob inside St. Michael and All Angels’ Church. Don’t tell anyone; he’s very well behaved.


Bob the bichon frise getting comfortable inside The Black Bull, a favourite haunt of Branwell Brontë in the 19th century.


The Old White Lion pub


The bunting is out in force




The 1940’s weekend is full of amazing vehicles (and the odd teddy bear!) My dad wishes he could get his hands on a few of these. You can see him admiring a vehicle in the picture above.

Haworth is a place for canines to socialise too.
It’s almost like the Hogwarts Express has come to Haworth.


The 1940’s weekend is also full of transport you can catch a ride on.

Soldiers preparing for action.
Some fun in the park.


Above is Branwell’s very messy bedroom/studio back up at the parsonage. The walls are covered in skectches which include characters from the juvenilia such as Zamorna and Alexander Percy a.k.a. Northangerland. Below is the Children’s Study again, set out as it would have been in the Brontës’ childhood.

I love this guy’s costume.

By Nicola F. a.k.a. The Brontë Babe.

Thanks for reading. Find me on twitter @BronteBabeBlog where I tweet about books, the Brontës, and animal rights, or on my Brontë Babe Blog Facebook page. Look me up on Goodreads too. I also have a side project where I blog about my love of Classic Crime Fiction over at The Classic Crime Chonicle. I’d love it if you joined me there.

Please do not copy, share, or use the images from this post without seeking permission first. 


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  1. Thats a lot of pictures! I have always meant to go to one of the forties weekends but never seem to get round to it. We are away in the lakes next weekend. Looking forward to your future post though. 🙂

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